At NEON TRAVEL PJSC we provide visa,passport, IETLS, driving license, work & resident permit, invitation letters, Cheap Flight Ticket, Hotel Reservations,  and services.



Please note that we will NOT process any order without a 50% UPFRONT payment.  You are required to pay 50% of total costs and when your documents are ready the applicant is required to complete the remaining 50% within 24 hours.

Visa Types

visas differ in:

  • type of visa – tourist, business, work, private, family member, transit visa, i.e., according to the purpose of visit (there are also some other types of visa which are required for very specific cases and not for all foreign nationals, e.g., visas for diplomats, sailors and students, for humanitarian and religious purposes, etc.)
  • period of validity of visa, i.e. the maximum permitted period of stay in the required country (for how many days and in what period one can legally stay in the country)

The field of visas is rather difficult and extensive, that’s why we recommend you to get a consultation from the experienced visa specialist to choose the best variant of visa according to the purpose of your trip, the visa urgency, your citizenship and other conditions.

Choose the type of Russian visa for detailed information:
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Visa and Work Permit
  • Study Visa
  • Private Visa
  • For a member of the family
  • Transit Visa

Visa Duration:

6 Months Visa

1 Year Visa

2 Years Visa

5 Years Visa


6 Months Visa     –   $1342 USD

1 Year   Visa         –   $1935 USD

2 Years Visa         –   $3212 USD

5 Years Visa         –   $7321 USD

International Passport Services

We offer International Passport for all countries at affordable rates.

5 Years Validity Passport   – All Countries    Cost – $7942 USD

10 Years Validity Passport – All Countries    Cost – $9372 USD

These passports can be used to travel successfully with no problems from the immigration. The original, legal and registered in the database of every country.

IETLS Examination

We offer Original and verifiable IETLS all countries.


8.0 IETLS score               –        $3832 USD

7.0 IETLS score               –        $2481  USD

6.5 IETLS score               –        $1993  USD

Our IETLS Services:

1- we provide Official certificate with registration into the database and actual center stamps for customers interested in obtaining the certificate without taking the test.

2- If you already took the test and it less than a month that you took the test, we can update the results obtained in your previous test to provide you with a new certificate with the updated results for you to follow you PR procedures without any risk.

3- we can provide Question papers for future test before the actual test date. the questionnaires will be issued about 6 to 10 days before the test data and will be 100% same questions that will appear in the test. guaranteed at 100%.

4- We have teachers and examination officials working together as team so you can choose any of our professional to go in for
the exams on your behalf.

5- You can register for your exams and go in for but we shall provide your target scores as you request because we have underground partners working at any center test which give us access into the system.

6- We equally assist our clients by sending recommendation letters to well known
educational institution or enterprises offering employment abroad in Canada, UK,
USA, Australia, New Zealand and others in order to give you a kick start for your

Our organization is well connected with various invigilators, British council data
base managers and test centers, which enables us to register your scores in any ielts
center around the world . All our certificates are original and British Council
certified. If you want to make an inquiry please use below details to contact us.